Staart helps you kickstart your SaaS startup with open-source starter projects written in TypeScript by O15Y.

🏁 Staart Ecosystem

🛠️ Staart API

Staart API is a Node.js backend starter with built-in user management and authentication, billing, organizations, GDPR tools, and more.

Staart API docs →

🌐 Staart UI

Staart UI is a frontend starter with built-in landing pages, authentication, settings UIs, and more, powered by Nuxt.js/Vue.

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📑 Staart Site

Staart Site is a static site generator for helpdesk or documentation websites. It creates beautiful, accessible, and ultra-lightweight websites that score 100/100 on Lightbox.

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📱 Staart Native

Staart Native is a smartphone app starter in React Native using Expo with built-in authentication and Start UI webviews.

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🎨 Staart.css

Staart.css is a minimalist CSS framework with UI components powering Staart UI.

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