Getting started

To get started with your Staart backend, you have three options:

  1. Preferred: Click on the “Use this template” button on the GitHub repo and GitHub will create a new repo (without git history) in your account, or
  2. Click on the “Import repository” link under “New” and enter the repo URL to make a duplicate repo in your account, or
  3. Fork this repo to your account (your contributions will not be counted).

Then, rename the package name (this is required for Staart’s updates to work properly) in your package.json:

  "name": "your-package-name"

Add Maxmind license key

The first step, even before you install dependencies, is to add the Maxmind license key. This is because of runk/node-geolite2#17, where download and using the GeoIP2 database now requires a license key.

To get a license key, sign up for free on the Maxmind GeoLite2 website. Then, add this license key as an environment variable:

export MAXMIND_LICENSE_KEY="your license key"

Install dependencies

Install the dependencies using Yarn:

yarn install

You can also use the npm client instead:

npm install

Setup services

Set up your environment variables by creating a .env file in your project root. You can also rename the .env.example file to .env for a quick start. Learn how to set up environment variables.

Set up your database structure by running the contents of the schema.sql file in your SQL client and enter the database credentials in your .env file.

Start a Redis instance and enter its URL in your .env file.

Build and run server

Build the project by compiling TypeScript to JavaScript:

yarn build # or npm run build

The above will create a dist directory with JS. Then, run the server:

node dist/src/index.js

You can also build and run together:

yarn start

You should see the following output in your terminal:

✔  success   Generated paths
✔  success   Processed no redirect rules
✔  success   Setup 3 cron jobs
✔  success   Serving 2 static files
✔  success   Generated app.ts file
☐  pending   Compiling TypeScript
✔  success   Listening on 7007