Staart Site uses Cosmiconfig, so you do any one of the following to add configuration:

titleName of the siteStaart Site
repoURL to git repositoryrepository key in package.json
contentDirFolder with markdown content./content
distDirOutput directory./public
assetsDirStatic assets directory./assets
templatePathHTML template file path./index.html
stylePathScss stylesheet pathstyle.scss
homePathMarkdown file path for
hostnameBase URL for sitemaphttp://localhost:8080
themeColorMain theme color#0e632c
textColorDark text color#001b01
linkColorHyperlink color#0e632c
lightColorLight text color#ffffff
navbarArray of filenames for navbarRoot files/folders in contentDir
contentFileExtFile extension for content filesmd
keepHomeHeadingShow h1 heading on homepagefalse
ignoreReplaceTitleDon’t update <title> from titlefalse
ignoreReplaceDescriptionDon’t update meta descriptionfalse
ignoreReplaceAuthorDon’t update footer authorfalse
ignoreReplaceYearDon’t update copyright yearfalse
noHomeDon’t generate index.htmlfalse
noSitemapDon’t generate sitemapsfalse
noContentListDon’t add content listsfalse
noDelayWithoutTokenDon’t delay GitHub API requestsfalse
noLastModifiedDon’t add last modified commit infofalse
noGeneratorDon’t add meta generator tagfalse
noSyntaxHighlightingDisable code syntax highlightingfalse
noShieldSchemaDon’t generate Shields schemafalse
shieldSchemaLabelLabel text for Shields schemadocs
shieldSchemaColorBadge color in Shields schemablueviolet